Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trent Severn Waterway-Canada - Big Chute Marine Railway and the LAST LOCK!!! - 6/25/06

Today we left our peaceful anchorage and headed for the Big Chute Marine Railway just a few miles up river from where we anchored.

We approached the carriage contraption that they load the boats on and they loaded a sailboat on the front side and loaded us behind them. The carriage begins moving up the hill, over a street, toward the hill that descends down to the water, even as we are still getting settled on the sling. 20% of our boat was hanging of the back end of the carriage portion of the chute. It was probably about a 5 minute ride to the other side.

When we were off the chute we headed for the LAST LOCK of our trip. We have gone through about 110 locks on this trip. It was an experience but we are glad they are behind us.

We headed through Detroit Severn Sound toward Penetanguishene and the Beacon Bay Marina.